For the last 10 years, I have primarily been a deck/pergola builder (http://www.urbanexteriors.biz), preferring to work outside. However,
before deck building, I was a cabinet maker, and a trim carpenter, for 20 years... and I still enjoy building built-in closets, cabinetry
radiator covers. I have a small basement shop  below my brownstone apartment, and it is somewhat limiting. Because of that,
I mostly build paint grade cabinetry, as opposed to stain grade.  I can fit your project perfectly into your space, scribing to the
irregularities of your floors and walls. I caulk all the joints between wood and walls, and after a paint job, your built-in will look
like it was always there. 
I work primarily with furniture grade Birch veneer ply, and apply a solid wood faceframe.
When I'm finished, your project will be paint ready.

    I'll customize the project to your needs and budget, and will help you with design, or work from your plans. I can render your
project in 3D to help you visualize the finished job.

    I live in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, and work mostly in Brownstone Brooklyn, but I will travel for the right project. I give free
estimates, and will supply you with current references.

Woodworking is
my profession, and it's also my passion.  Contact me, and let me turn your dream into a reality.

Thanks for visiting my website

       Steve Rayboy
      Urban Exteriors

                built in carroll gardens, brooklyn         built-in 3D rendering  carroll gardens brooklyn

                                  Built-in entertainment/storage unit with wine rack and 3D rendering. Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
                                                                         See a Video of this project on youtube.com

                      built-in render  Carroll Gardensl, brooklyn         built-in Carroll Gardens, brooklyn

Built-in closet and 3D rendering. Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

                                            built-in bookcase fort greene, brooklyn

                                                                                            Built-in Bookcase. Fort Greene, Brooklyn

                                                                    built-in  prospect heights, brooklyn

Built-in storage in a hallway alcove. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn


                                                             prospect heights brooklyn built in radiator cover bookshelves

                                                                              Built-in radiator cover/bookcase. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
                                                                                                 See a youtube video of this project

                                                                 bookcase crown heights, brooklyn

Built-in bookcase. Crown Heights, Brooklyn
                                                                                         See a Video of this project on youtube.com

                                                        built in bookcase windsor terrace brooklyn

Built-in bookcase. Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn
                                                                                                                         See a Video of this project on youtube.com

                                                                         pipe shelving  park slope brooklyn

Pipe shelving. Park Slope, Brooklyn
                                                                          An affordable alternative to built-in cabinetry. using 3/4" black pipe and 5/4x10" clear poplar.


                                                                     built in bookcase park slope, brooklyn

Built-in bookcase. Park Slope, Brooklyn

                                                              built-in  park slope brooklyn
                                                                                        Built-in shelves and radiator cover. Park Slope, Brooklyn

                                                          built-in  park slope, brooklyn
Built-in storage wall. Park Slope, Brooklyn



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